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This is the real seal of TAFE. it is raised seal. TAFE schools have flexible entry requirements, Buy fake TAFE cedrtificate from NSW, fake TAFE certificate, buy fake certificates. adopt a credit system in the academic system, and issue corresponding certificates, qualification certificates or diplomas according to the number of accumulated credits; short-term training is issued to the study certificate. The difference in level is like the secondary school, junior college, and undergraduate in China. TAFE College generally does not grant a degree. To obtain a degree, you must enter a higher education college or a comprehensive university. The credit system allows for intermittent learning, which means that for adults it has a greater choice in dealing with family burdens and the contradiction between work and school. Under this system, the duration of the course varies from 12 weeks to 24 weeks to one year and two years.
This unified certificate system and the modular structure of course content enable vocational education to communicate with general education and higher education; the connection between pre-employment education and post-employment education reflects the idea of ​​lifelong education. In the ordinary high school education stage, students can freely choose the first-level certificate to the vocational education course required by the fourth-level certificate; after entering the TAFE college in high school, the credits of the vocational education course obtained in the high school education stage are recognized, that is, it is not necessary to learn from the beginning. From now on, you can directly learn the follow-up course modules. After graduating from TAFE College, students can also enter university, and all the relevant courses at TAFE College (if the university's professional practice is strong) or part (if the university's professional theory is strong) is recognized. This has created conditions for TAFE graduates to further their university degree.