What Are the Differences Between GCSE Certificate and IGCSE Certificate?

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First of all, for young international students coming to the UK, parents often don't know what GCSE and IGCSE mean before they take the ALEVEL high school course. Cambridege GCSE certificate, pearson GCSE certificate, Do not know how to choose, in fact, both courses have their own advantages, suitable for the needs of different students. GCSE certificate, IGCSE certificate, buy fake GCSE certificate, buy fake IGCSE certificateWhat Are the Differences Between GCSE Certificate and IGCSE Certificate? What is the GCSE course? Traditional GCSE courses are two-year courses. First of all, British local students usually study traditional two-year GCSE courses. This course requires students to study 8 to 10 courses in two years. It is suitable for domestic students who graduated from the third grade. That said, 
1. Being able to integrate into the British education system, students are free to choose subjects according to their own interests.
2. The GCSE course is mainly for British students, so students with high English requirements and students with weak English proficiency will struggle to learn. Advantages: study a lot of subjects, experience different subjects, and study together with British students. For students: Students who graduated from the third grade in China have a high level of English, strong independent learning ability, and strict competition.What is the IGCSE course? IGCSE, AQA GCE certificate, A level certificate, O level certificate. full name: International GCSE. Due to the high international recognition of GCSE courses, IGCSE courses came into being. Compared with GCSE, this course condenses the two-year standard GCSE courses. Students learn 5 to 6 courses in a year. course. It is suitable for the students who graduated from junior high school or high school in China. What Are the Differences Between GCSE Certificate and IGCSE Certificate?
 The characteristics of IGCSE are:
1. This course is mainly for international students and provides corresponding English support for students.
2. IGCSE does not have British students, but after graduation, it will be the same as GCSE GCSE certificate. Advantages: short time, few subjects, preparing for high school courses, strong English support, and can get GCSE certificate after graduation. For students: Domestic third or high school graduates, suitable for students who want to quickly improve their English and academic level.